Unlimited "Lines"

Lets Make Busy Signals A Thing Of The Past!
Your customers will never hear a busy signal again! With CleaRing, we don't limit the amount of calls you can take at once. Your only limitation is how many phones your phone can handle at once. If you manage to max those out, your clients will be put into your voicemail system.

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Full Office PBX Power in a mobile phone.
Just like normal PBX phones, we can setup CleaRing moble phones to:

  • Use the main office number for outbound Caller ID.
  • Have an extension number off the main office number.
  • Office handsets can see busy, ringing and busy indicator lights for mobile phones. In other words, you can tell if your mobile employee is on a call from an office phone.
  • Send missed calls to any office voicemail box.
  • Automatically record inbound and outbound calls.
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    Unify Your Multi-Office Teams.
    If your offices or hundreds of feet from eachother or hundreds of miles from eachother, we can make their phone systems work together seamlessly. Users of CleaRing systems can check their voicemails from any office. They can transfer and conference calls across locations easily. They can even see the busy status lights of other offices from their desk phones.

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    Find Me

    Need a phone system that can find your employees wherever they are? CleaRing can ring up to 5 phones to find a users and make sure your client's calls don't go unanswered. We'll play your hold music for your clients while we locate your employee.

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    Like all PBX systems, you can transfer calls on CleaRing. We support "Hot Transfers", where you transfer to a still ringing phone and "Warm Transfers" where you can privatly talk to the person you are transferring to before putting the call through. This is all pretty standard, but what you may not expect is that you can also transfer to external phone numebers as well. This is a great option for helping your clients connect with your business partners, contractors, ect.

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    Free Conference Rooms
    There's no need to call into a 3rd party conference bridge with CleaRing. We are currently developing PIN access and muting abilities as well.

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