• Can I Use My Same Number?

    It's the number one question our new clients have and the answer is...

    Absolutly! CleaRing will provide a seamless transition between your old and new phone system.
    Even mobile numbers can be ported in.

Unlimited "Lines"

Your customers will never hear a busy signal again! With CleaRing, we don't limit the amount of calls you can take at once.

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Mobile Phone Integration

CleaRing can tie mobile phones directly into our phone systems. Mobile users can make and recieve calls off the main office number and much more.

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CleaRing allows users seamlessly transfer, conference and overflow to each other across multiple offices. Users in different locations can even see each other's busy status.

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Find Me

Need a phone system that can find your employees wherever they are? CleaRing can ring up to 5 phones to find a users and make sure your client's calls don't go unanswered.

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CleaRing allows you to transfer calls to any phone. With CleaRing you can transfer calls within your office, to a satellite office, or to a cell phone, quickly and easily.

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CleaRing allows you to create conference rooms for your customers to dial into or to create impromptu conferences using a button on your phone.

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